Knuckit Quality

How are the Knuckit footballs made

The thermo bonding method means that the 32 panels are thermally glued and bonded by heat. There are no stitches, so the balls take up less water and keeps the original weight better when playing on a wet surface.

Knuckit footballs has are made to last and give the best playing experince possible and is suitable for matches at the absolute highest level. The materials are carefully selected and have exactly the qualities that give the best playability and durability. The optimum roundness is ensured with the well-known 32 panels spread over 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. The outer material of the ball consists of synthetic leather with a light golfball pattern surface structure that minimizes air resistance.

Under the synthetic leather hides the Knuckit butyl bladder that allows for maximum shape retention and inflation duration. On the outside the bladder is wrapped in a cotton lining for added durability. The outer material and the underlying foam give the ball a softer, lighter and a more comfortable touch. Despite the fact that the ball feels lighter, the weight is the same as a traditional football.

Advanced heat-sealing technology gives the ball a perfectly spherical shape with minimal water absorption.

•Textured casing for enhanced grip and accurate flight off the foot.

•The thermally fused polyurethane cover material is paired with an elastic foam backing to retain shape and maintain softness for injury prevention and striking.

• Reinforced cotton wound bladder ensures consistent shape retention for responsive, powerful touches.

• Quality construction for top-level play.

• For outdoor play.

• Meets the highest FIFA ratings for quality and passed tests for weight, water uptake, shape and size retention

Material: Superior Wear-resisting Golf Texture 0.8mmPU+1 Polyester Layer+ 3.0mm Air Mattress

Construction: Thermal Bonded

Usage: Official Match, Game, Tournament

Panel Count: 32

Bladder: Cotton Wrapped Rubber Bladder

Kicking Test: More than 10000 times

Rebound: 125-155cm

Certificates: En71, 6p


568-70 cm400-450 g12 years and older
463-65 cm360-380 g8 to 12 years

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